Rebranded and ready

When I first set out on my venture to be a doula, I had no idea where to start. I completed my training, was working on my required reading, research and examination to become a certified labor doula, but as far as building a business? I was lost.

So I decided to start with what I know:

My passion is supporting women. I want to help women to feel empowered- as a doula, during pregnancy & labor, of course- but more than that. I want women to feel empowered in all areas of their life- at all times. I want them to feel strong, healthy, empowered, and badass simply because that’s how we all deserve to feel.

I know that I feel all of those things when I’m striving to live a healthy lifestyle. Working out (whatever that looks like), eating whole foods and taking care of myself- mind & body.

That thought process led me to “FitBump Doula Services” where my aim was to help other women live healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families for years to come. 

Now, fast forward a few years.

While I still feel passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and helping women do the same, my idea of a “healthy” lifestyle has shifted and expanded over the past several years.

I now realize that the words “health” and “fitness” mean different things to different people, and not everyone feels all that positive about those words. First and foremost, I want to create a space of inclusivity where every person feels welcomed and respected… not just those who love to workout and eat salads (although, those wonderful people are more than welcome in this space too!). 

To me, fitness doesn’t equal skinny or being constantly active. It doesn’t mean you have to love kale or be a gym rat. To me, it’s more than that. It’s about taking care of yourself- your whole self- mind, body and spirit. 
These new and expanded feelings around health and wellness has led me to rethink my business name and mission. While I love the mission and purpose of FitBump, I’m ready to create a new brand where I can elaborate on everything I’ve learned in the past few years.

And I don’t want the “fit” in FitBump to hinder women from exploring all the facets of wellness I want to offer in my business, or deter them from seeing what all I can offer them.

With that, I am excited to introduce Erin Brier Birthing ( Here, I will continue to provide labor doula services for the women and families in my community, as well as a variety of pre-pregnancy and postpartum resources and educational services as well.

I’m excited for this new chapter and eager to network with and serve the women of my community. 

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