What Is FitBump?

I want to tell you about a business I started. It’s called FitBump Doula Services and it’s centered around women, babies, health and fitness. It’s about empowering women and mothers to be strong and in charge of their lives, health and happiness.

I know, I just rambled off a list of “things”, but what does it all mean?

The FitBump Services Mission is:
To enable women to have their healthiest pregnancy, most empowered laboring experience and the support to continue to be strong, happy and healthy for themselves and their families for years to come.

Okay, let’s break it all down:

Health and Fitness
So, you’re not a salad eating, weight lifting, yogi? Well, the truth is – most of us aren’t. And that’s okay. The good news is we can still live healthy lives and not ever set foot in a gym or on a yoga mat. Unless, of course, you want to!

When I use the words “health” and “fitness”, I’m not talking about how many calories you eat or hours you spend in the gym every day. I mean these words in more of a holistic manner…the bigger picture…as a whole… mental health, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, financial health, environmental health, social health, and so much more. These all have an effect on our lives in one way or another and doing our best to maintain balance in all (or some) of these areas can have a huge impact on our overall well being.

At FitBump, while the focus is on health, it’s not all about workout plans and calorie cutting. What’s most important is meeting you where you are as it relates to all areas of health. We’ll chat about your current habits and routines, talk over your goals and make minor adjustments, taking it all one day at a time. In no way is it beneficial to push you to transform your habits overnight. It can sometimes be a slow process and change can be intimidating. Together, we’ll work toward goals, and set new ones along the way.

Women and Babies
Once again, Beyoncè says it best: “Who runs the world? Girls!” I couldn’t agree more. Now, more than ever, empowering women, and women empowering women is at the forefront. Celebrating, supporting and encouraging women’s differences is essential at FitBump Doula Services. I know and understand that every woman, every pregnancy, and every parent will be completely unique. Having a different opinion or experience than someone else does not mean that one is better than the other. At FitBump, I support women to do what is best for them, their family, their baby and their situation.

I mean, this is what it’s all about, right? Living a life filled with happiness is what we all pursue. Now, does this mean that everything will be rainbows, unicorns, and heart emojis at all times? Definitely not. Sometimes we have to go through the lows in life to truly appreciate the highs. But how we handle those hard times, and how we “bounce back” from them is what speaks to the overall quality of our lives, health and happiness. It’s also very important to realize that each person’s definition of “happiness” will be different. FitBump Doula Services wants to help you achieve happiness, no matter what that means to you. I’m here to help you celebrate the great times, but support you through those not-so-amazing times, too. After all, support is what a doula does best!

Even though the word “Fit” is in the business name, rest assured that at FitBump Doua Services, you’ll gain more than a workout plan. You’ll gain support, empowerment, confidence and strength – during pregnancy and for years to come.

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