While I was away...

It’s been almost a year since I put some final touches on a few last things for my business. I had a logo created, purchased an LLC, drafted a contract and created a Facebook page with intentions to share the passion and mission behind my business.

A few months passed and I continued posting to my page, writing new blogs and sharing my purpose with my followers… but around March, it fizzled out.

If you have visited the FitBump Facebook page in the past few months, it may look like I quit or gave up on my doula dreams. I understand why– I practically vanished, but I’ve actually been busy working behind the scenes on some pretty great things!

So what all have I been up to?


I joined the team of amazing women at Indianapolis Doulas as an affiliated doula, and began to develop a strong partnership with my wonderful doula partner, Tess.

In March, Tess and I had our first few consults together since joining the agency… and successfully locked down some pretty phenomenal clients.

I attended a ProDoula Postpartum Care and Infant Care Doula Training, and met group of compassionate and passionate women, all on a mission to make sure mothers are supported, even after labor ends.

Tess and I met and formed a great relationship with a local psychologist, Dr. Maria Hanzlik. From her website, “Dr. Hanzlik is a clinical psychologist and an AASECT-certified sex therapist who works with children, adolescents, and adults to provide psychological evaluation services and individual, couples, and family therapy serving the Indianapolis area.”

We’ve been fortunate enough to have Dr. Hanzlik to refer our clients to for information and resources.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with extremely kind and talented teams of doctors and nurses at several different hospitals around the Indy area, learning something new from each person on staff at every labor I attended.

Most importantly, I have been fortunate enough to support some already capable women find an inner strength they didn’t know they had to bring new life into the world, just the way they wanted to.

So while it may seem like I’ve been sleeping for the past several months, I’ve been busy, working hard. I’ve been doing the most important thing for my business and my clients: getting even more experience and knowledge and resources so I can be a better doula and better serve women of Indianapolis. I’m more ready and prepared than ever to support the women in my community!

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