The Doulapreneur Mentorship

The Doulaprenuer Mentorship is where you build your community of supportive doula colleagues, expand your referral network, and gain the skills, education and confidence you need to build a thriving birth business that sustains and supports your lifestyle. 

Whether you dream of the day you quit your 9-5 and run full force as a Doulapreneur or you’re feeling stagnant in your birth biz as it currently stands, I want to uplift you, offering a additional resources, community, accountability, and solid action plan of next steps to help you get to where you want to be.

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A collective of doulas who come together to learn, discuss, and dream. 

is recently certified and not quite sure where to begin building a doula biz.

has been a doula for a while and craves a little extra accountability in growing your birth biz (running a solo business can feel lonely at times).

feels a bit overwhelmed with how to get started as a doula.

is not quite sure how to balance the on-call life with your current lifestyle.

wants to take the leap of faith from your 9-5 job into full-fledged Doulapreneurship.

wonders how to set prices for an offer that you’re so passionate about

wants to stop comparing yourself to other doulas and be confident within your birth business offerings.


Where Birth Workers boss up in their business to support their unique doula lifestyle. 

Each meeting is created with every unique doula in mind, but some common themes we’ll explore together include:




Have you ever heard the saying "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." Well, the saying holds true when it comes to any lofty goal... including building a sustainable birth business.
The Doulaprenuer Mentorship runs one quarter (3 months) at a time which allows us to focus only on current goals and accomplishments.

Every other week, we'll have a group call where we dissect one birth or business topic in detail. Here, we'll also have Q&A's, "hot spot" topics, and opportunities to meet and learn from other professionals in the birth world so that you can build out a solid referral network for your clients. 

A lot of magical momentum and learning happens on our bi-weekly calls, but gaining knowledge is only part of what builds a sustainable birth business. Accountability is what makes your passion into a full-blown birth business, and that's exactly what you'll get in the Doulaprenuer Private Group.

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The Doula Lifestyle - A life lived on-call can feel overwhelming, but the beauty of this is that you get to curate a schedule that supports YOU and the life you want to live. Whether you want to figure out how to make doula life work with your 9-5, you need to understand the ins and outs of on-call life, or you’re not sure how a doula lifestyle could possibly work for you, we will uncover this together!

Passion Over Profit Framework - Straight from my own doula playbook, you’ll explore how to build a signature offer based on what brings you the most joy so you can be sustainably supported in your passion for birth work.

The Business of Birth Work - Whether you’re brand sparkling new to doula work or you’ve been in the industry for a while, there is an art to running a successful birth work business that supports you, rather than burns you out. We’ll get to chatting about all of the business elements - including your consultation process, prenatal appointments with the families you serve, pricing your services, creating offerings that you’re passionate about and differentiating from your fellow doulas, finding mamas to support, and creating boundaries in the doula life. 

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