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Whether you're a new doula, looking for continued education, guidance, and community, or you're a seasoned doulaprenuer looking for a little extra support on one (or several) projects, I'm here for you!


Are you a business that serves expecting parents and looking for new, unique ways to help support them through their pregnancy and beyond?
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Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, birth professional education, and business are just a few topics that Erin Brier Birthing teaches about. Whether you host a podcast or work with a business, company, or organization that works with new and expecting families or birth professionals, you can book personalized education and information for your next podcast or event!


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I have been so fortunate to have made birth work into a career I love and admire, and over the years, I have discovered that my true passion is in teaching. Whether it's educating new and expecting parents, mentoring other doulas, or collaborating with hospital staff and other birth professionals, the joy of education and empowerment fuels my commitment to this field.

Whether you're a new doula eager to learn, or a fellow birth professional wanting to collaborate, let's work together to make each birth a beautiful and empowering experience.