The Empowered Pregnancy Membership

A monthly membership community for the mama-to-be who wants to be the boss of her birth and postpartum experience! 

You’re the kind of mom who wants..

to be the best advocate for yourself (and baby) through the rest of your pregnancy.

to have a positive birth experience, whether it’s your first of fifth, and you crave more support in achieving that

all the info on informed consent so you can absolutely thrive as the boss of your own birth.

to know that you’ve got options (and what those are) in EVERYTHING when it comes to your body, your birth, and your baby.

to have access to support from a seasoned doula on your birth team.

to walk alongside other mamas who are on the intentional path to motherhood.

Hey Mama,

So you recently saw the "positive" sign on that pregnancy test and you're feeling all the feelings... Excitement, overwhelm, joy, stress, love.

You probably immediately calculated your due date and maybe even are already feeling some of those "yep, I'm pregnant" symptoms.

Or maybe you've been pregnant for a while but now that your due date is inching closer each day, you're finding yourself spending A LOT of time asking Google all the things...

"How to soothe pregnancy sickness?" "Should I exercise in pregnancy?" "Should I work with a doula?" "Do I have to push on my back?" 

On and on and on...

Don't you wish there was something that could walk you through every step of this journey?

Good news: There is!

Imagine yourself at birth...

"The Empowered Pregnancy Membership taught us how to have important conversations with our birth team before labor, which helped with making decisions during labor. It gave us a realistic idea of what to expect a hospital delivery to be like."


$99/month for 4 months

the membership

And that’s exactly what we do together in The Empowered Pregnancy Membership, a space for childbirth education and preparation where you’ll:

Trust in your voice throughout pregnancy so you can feel confident however your birth unfolds.

Know the standard practices in most hospital settings and understand options available to you.

Feel confident communicating with your partner and birth team.

Have a tangible timeline of what tasks to check off your list and when as you get farther into your pregnancy.

Understand the stages of labor and be familiar with pain management options and birthing positions.

Experience the importance of self-care in motherhood and how to weave it into your day.

How do you see yourself?

Are you strong, centered, and at peace?

Do you feel knowledgeable about your options?

Are you confident in expressing your preferences as labor progresses?

Do you see yourself as the boss of your birth?

That kind of empowerment only comes from preparing your body, mind and spirit NOW, Mama.

-First-time parent

Your very own print copy of “My Empowered Pregnancy Guide,” a 100+ page trimester-by-trimester roadmap with evidence-based teachings, prompts for reflection, and exercises for an intentional pregnancy and early postpartum.

Over 23 Self-Paced Lessons straight from “My Empowered Pregnancy Guide” that will meet you right where you’re at in your pregnancy journey.

Group Classes & Q&As (3x month) that get you birth-ready with everything from questions for care provider appointments, labor positions, partner tips, prenatal workouts, guided meditations, and more.

Exclusive Birth Expert Workshops with birth pros, such as midwives, chiropractors, feeding specialists, and pelvic floor specialists, to equip you with resources from the birth world’s best that all empowered mamas need.

A Facebook Community Rooted in Motherhood to surround yourself with fellow mamas who want to embrace motherhood with a village (because not only does it take a village to raise a child, it takes one to birth your baby too!)

Options for Every Mama

The VIP Membership

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For the Very Intentional Parent who craves individualized support. For an additional $45/month you’ll receive 1:1 Voxer Support from me that can be used to ask private questions, debrief your care provider appointments, and of course I’ll shower you in all of the pep talks you need as you go throughout your pregnancy journey!

Does this sound familiar, mama?

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What if I’m Already Far into My Pregnancy?
Ah-mazing (and congrats Mama, how are you feeling?) The Membership is designed to meet you right where you’re at in your pregnancy journey. The lessons from “My Empowered Pregnancy Guide” are self-paced, so you can dive into what you need, and the regular group classes will be applicable to just about any part of pregnancy. Plus, not only does the Membership cover Trimesters 1-3, but we’ll go deep into the importance of creating a Postpartum Plan (aka Trimester 4) and how to get started with that.

What if I already hired a doula to support me at my birth?
The doula in me LOVES THIS! It means you are already building an incredible birth team and equipping yourself to be the boss of your own birth! The Membership would be complementary to the work your doula may or may not provide to you in prenatal sessions as an in-depth childbirth education experience.

Anything Else I Should Know About the Membership?
Yes! After 6 years in birth work, The Empowered Pregnancy Membership pulls back the proverbial birth curtain to share ALL of the tips and tricks that I believe Mamas need to know to feel prepared going into their hospital birth.

Can I sign up anytime?
Absolutely, Mama! Enrollment is open and you're always welcome!

I have more questions - how can I reach you?
Email me at and I’ll be in touch with you ASAP!