My Pregnancy Journey as a Birth Doula

“Trust the magic of new beginnings.”

This message has been more of an affirmation for me, not only for the new year to come, but also over the last several months. 

2020 was, no doubt, challenging for all of us. It brought new challenges that none of us have experienced before and has forced us into a state of resilience– and for that I am thankful!

While 2020 brought me many feelings of anxiety, loss of control and uncertainty, it also brought me time, reflection and action. 

Still, there are many things in 2020 that I’m proud of. I finally branched out from the doula agency model I was so accustomed to and reinvented my business into a brand I am proud of. I have been able to offer my community more services to better support and serve them, and I have made some big plans for the future to grow my business as my personal life transforms.

This past year has really given me the opportunity to come into a 2021 that I’m truly excited for!

There are TWO big things, in particular, that are coming in 2021 that will impact my business and personal life in a big way:

A new service that I know the expecting mamas in my community desperately need:

The Connected Birth Experience

A 6-week Childbirth Education Class that will bring so much more than knowledge and information.

It’s a new kind of childbirth education that will prepare and educate, but support and foster community! Something every new mom + family needs in every point of their journey to parenthood.

The Connected Birth Experience is just that– an experience where you and your partner have the opportunity to connect with each other, professionals and other parents going through the same journey you are. 

We will, of course, learn a lot about pregnancy, labor, postpartum and all the decisions and options that come along with each. But we’ll also build a community to lean on and refer to as we navigate this transformative and sometimes challenging part of life.

The content in this course is amazing, and between the information you will gain, the people and resources you will meet, you’ll not only be prepared for your birth, but for parenthood and beyond!

I can’t wait to share this with our community! First course series is coming to you in February, so stay tuned on how to enroll!

The other news that I’m so excited to share with all of you is much more personal and close to home. 

Baby Brier will be joining the team come May!

Growing our family is something we’ve planned on doing for years and the time has finally come!

And experiencing pregnancy first-hand has given me a real opportunity to better connect with all of you– the new + expecting mamas in my area. 

Already having this knowledge of all things pregnancy, labor and postpartum… and then actually going through it myself… has been a blessing and a curse! KIDDING (kind of). It’s been mostly amazing, but definitely transformative. 

I can’t wait to share more with you about my true and unfiltered feelings and my experience through pregnancy thus far. 

To all my new and pregnant mamas: I see you. This thing is hard. But we will get through it!

All in all, 2020 has been a year to remember. With all of the challenges it has brought us, I am happy that I can also look back at all of the wonderful things it’s brought as well.

2021. A new year that’s sure to be filled with new memories, new goals, new adventures and new challenges. 

Here we go!

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