Postpartum Prep

When you're pregnant, you spend a lot of time preparing for the baby to come. You make sure you have things to clothe them, feed them, bathe them and so much more. But what about you, mama? You need to be taken care of too! So let me help you make the transition of bringing baby home a little easier on you!

what you can expect:

An initial consultation to meet and make sure we're a good match. Here, I'll answer any questions you might have about doulas and explain how Postpartum Prep can be customized to best support your family.

One Planning Session is to assess the needs of your family for the initial postpartum phase. We'll talk through what things are important to you to carry over into postpartum life.

From the information gained in the Planning Session, I will gather tools, resources and education to provide a roadmap for what to expect for the first several weeks of the fourth trimester. 

Two Nesting Sessions to prepare and carry out postpartum needs. The Prenatal Nesting Session includes a large emphasis on education, while the Postpartum Nesting Session has flexibility to consist whatever you feel you may need at the time. 

Because we never know how much (or little) support we might need postpartum, there is an option of scheduling additional Nesting Sessions when if desired.

Throughout your pregnancy and well into your first several months postpartum, I am available for any additional "virtual" support you may need.

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