The Role of Water in Pregnancy

Today, we’re talking about The Importance of Water in Pregnancy… and not just regarding hydration! I just might have a couple of tips that may surprise you all!

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Today, we’re talking about The Importance of Water in Pregnancy… and not just regarding hydration! I just might have a couple of tips that may surprise you all!

Alright, Mama, let’s get into it!

Of course, at any point in life, being hydrated is super important, and pregnancy is no different. Our bodies are 55%-65% water, so it’s important that we are mindfully replenishing that water throughout the day.

Even though we don’t really think about it in our day-to-day lives, water and hydration really do play a huge role in our overall health and well-being. And in pregnancy, I consider water a “cure-all”. 

The benefits of hydration in pregnancy include things like:

-Better circulation and blood flow 
-Helps with swelling
-Allows our bodies better absorb the nutrients that our babies and our bodies need
-Minimizing the chances of hemorrhoids
-Regulates our body temperature (helloOoOoo pregnancy hot flashes!)
-Promotes healthy digestion (less constipation)
-Improves skin elasticity (think stretch marks and perineal tearing)
-Mitigates joint and muscle pain
-Alleviates headaches
-Helps form amniotic fluid

And so much more! Clearly… very important!

A good rule of thumb when it comes to water intake is to aim for half your body weight in ounces. Now, I certainly don’t recommend you ever get caught up on that number on the scale (pregnant or not), so instead, make a guestimation of what your weight may have been early on in pregnancy for a good starting point of the number of ounces you’ll need, then, add 10-20 more ounces to that!

Pro Tip: Get yourself (or add to your registry) a big, cute water bottle. Know how many ounces the bottle holds and how many times you’ll need to refill it.

[Example: You recall that at an appointment sometime in your first trimester, your weight was around 160 lbs… 

SO, 170/2 = 85 (fluid oz). Add 10-20 more oz for simply being later on in pregnancy… this is a time when rounding up is good!) 

Find yourself a water bottle that 32 oz, and set a goal to drink/refill 3x/day = 96oz]

It may feel like a lot, and trust me, I know how annoying it is to have to pee every 12-17 minutes in pregnancy, BUT your body and your baby will think you!

Now something that is SO interesting, that you may not know, as it relates to water and pregnancy is that being submerged in water also has tons of benefits for yourself and baby!

Being in water, particularly later in pregnancy, can feel really good– especially in the heat of the summer!

Swimming, water aerobics, floating or just being in water have benefits like improving circulation, reducing swelling, regulating body temp, easing joint and muscle tension (thank you, anti-gravity), and even helping encourage your baby to find an optimal birthing position!

A study out of Russia looked at 100 expecting mamas, who were 32-34 weeks pregnant and had babies who were not in head-down position. They prescribed these women water aerobics, and 83%(!!!) of the babies turned, 66% of them after just 2-3 classes– pretty impressive!

So, mama, if you have access to water this summer (no matter how far along you are), so float, go submerge, and go relax! 

(And of course, be sure to follow all water-safety protocols as well!)

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Well, Mama, that’s a wrap on The Importance of Water During Pregnancy. Don’t forget to find a cute water bottle and fill that bad boy up again and again! 

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Until next time, mamas! Cheers!

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