Virtual Birth Support

When you decide to work with a doula, it's like having a birthing bestie at your fingertips! From the initial consultation through the first year of your baby's life, you'll have your doula right in your back pocket, ready to validate your feelings and answer all the questions that come along with motherhood.

When it comes to virtual doula support,
Research shows...

When families were supported virtually by a doula before and during birth they:

  • Felt that they were knowledgable in deciding delivery preferences

  • Had more knowledge of medically accurate information

  • Had a decrease in cesarean rate by nearly 20% (68% for families of color)

  • Experienced reduced NICU admissions by 20%

  • Felt like they received a high level of emotional support

  • Were better able to manage their mental health

virtual birth support is for you if...

You're seeking education, support, and information to feel prepared and confident going into your labor and delivery and are eager to tailor that education to your own unique family and preferences.

You want real-time support during your labor and delivery experience, but only want people in your birth space who are either immediate care team members, or the friends/family you choose to have in the room with you. 

Having access to a seasoned birth professional throughout your pregnancy, delivery and first entire year of parenting is just the level of support you'er looking for as you enter this new chapter of life.

What you can expect with Virtual Birth Support

  • An initial consultation to meet and make sure we're a good match. 

  • Virtual support throughout the remainder of your pregnancy to answer questions, concerns and to provide resources. 

  • Two virtual prenatal visits to discover vision for your labor and postpartum recovery. 

  • Consistent emotional and educational support from the onset of labor until you get to meet your baby. 

  • A virtual postpartum visit to evaluate in-home needs and tools once you leave the hospital. 

  • Continued postpartum check-ins for up to the first year of your baby's life. 

And so much more!

I want that!

Let's get started!

“Working with Erin felt like we had a childbirth expert on our team. All of our most difficult moments before and during our birth were made easier by her calm and insightful support and guidance.”

“Very natural, easy, understanding, sympathetic, and most of all supportive of mine and my husbands choices.”

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