How to Have the Best Newborn Photoshoot

When I met Emily, owner of Stork Creations Birth Photography & Videography, we instantly clicked! She’s a birth and lifestyle photographer. Since then, we’ve spent many hours working together, cheering each other on and building business collaborations. 

I’ve had so fun getting to know her and learning more about her services and have decided I want you to enjoy the fun too! I sat down with Emily and asked her all about how to have the best newborn photoshoot and she’s sharing all the details with us!

How long have you been doing this work and why did you start?

A little over a year ago is when I decided to take the leap and start Stork Creations. I graduated from UIndy and always loved videography. A friend asked me to record her birth in 2016 and right then is when I fell in love with it. It was such an amazing and beautiful thing to witness and creating a video showing her strength and power was literally the best gift I could ever give her. I attended the birth of her second child a few years later and right then is when I realized I was meant to be a birth videographer/photographer.

How do I go about scheduling a session with you?

To schedule a consultation, click here

Will you show us how to pose?

My shooting style is lifestyle, meaning unposed is my favorite. Let the kids run around mom and dad, sing to their new sibling, or read a favorite children’s book. However, to get some photos of everyone smiling and looking into the camera, I’ll let you know how to pose and what looks the best. But don’t worry… I’ll make it fun, so none of those awkward smiles!

Do we need any props?

Nope! Since I shoot lifestyle sessions, all I need is you and your family. The goal of your session is to make things easy as possible. I mean after all, you just had a baby! If there is something you’d like to incorporate in your video/photos, I’m more than happy to do so. I do have a few props such as a wicker bassinet, boho baby swing, picnic basket, blankets, and a letterboard that are always available to include in shoots. 

How much time should we leave for the session?

Sessions, such as the Fresh 48 package are typically one hour long. Births though… well I’m there with you until the baby arrives! 

Any tips on how to prepare?

Before your session I’ll email you with everything from tips on what to wear to getting your baby in the best mood for their session! 

What if my baby is fussy during the shoot?

This is always a concern for parents, but don’t stress it! In this line of work, I’m prepared for it. If they need a diaper change, I’ll get detail shots. If they’re hungry, I’ll document that special moment between the two of you. It’s all about being flexible! 

How long after the session until we are able to see photos?

For Fresh 48 sessions, you’ll get a sneak peek within 24 hours to share with your family and friends to announce the arrival of your new bundle of joy! The rest of the gallery will be delivered in 2-3 weeks and the video will be available within 4-5 weeks of the session. You will be able to view the gallery and film through a private online link. 

Can siblings be part of the shoot?

Absolutely! One of my favorite moments to capture is big brother or sister meeting the new baby for the first time. For Fresh 48 sessions that happen at the hospital/birth center, I suggest we begin the session without older kids in the room to focus on the new baby and then your partner/grandparents can bring them in for the grand introduction. 
But in the event your older children have to wait at home to meet the newest arrival, I will meet you at your home as you return from the hospital for the whole family to greet one another!

How many clients do you take per month?

I only take 2-3 birth clients a month. As far as other sessions go, I don’t put a limit on them, but definitely don’t overbook my calendar. In the event, a birth keeps me from our scheduled time I will either have my backup videographer take my place to attend your session or vice versa. (Luckily, this has yet to happen!) My goal though is to always be there for YOU! I love building relationships with my clients and their families, so it’s very important for me to be the one behind the camera. 

What precautions do you take to keep families safe during the pandemic?

When COVID-19 hit and the city began to shut down I took that very seriously and still do. I continue to practice social distancing and wear my mask when I need to run errands or pickup groceries. Before our session, I make sure to sanitize my equipment and during I wear a mask and keep germx at hand! I know how important your little ones are to your family and I take that to heart. You inviting me into such a sacred place and into your home, means everything to me and I want to do everything on my end to keep everyone safe. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. 

Where can we see other galleries you’ve taken before?

Instagram is the best place to see my most recent work. So make sure to follow @StorkCreations on IG and on Facebook @StorkCreationsVideography. 
My website is the next best place! Visit

What all is included in the pricing?

The Fresh 48 package includes a personal meet and greet (or Zoom call if you wish) and a client prep guide. The session will be held within 48 hours after birth during the day, either at the place of birth or I can meet you at your home as you return from the hospital. As far as the goods, you’ll receive a 3 minute highlight film that’s beautifully edited to licensed music and at least 20 images, but most likely much more! Within 24 hours you will get a few images to share with your family and friends to announce your new arrival! All the photos and the film will be available through a private online link. And yes, you can download all of the edited photos from the gallery! I don’t charge per photo or put a limit on those precious memories! 
If needed, I also offer payment plans and the option to add any package to your baby registry! By having family contribute to capturing this journey, they are giving you something meaningful that your baby will never grow out of, never run out of, or never lose value. It’s a gift that can be enjoyed for years to come — a beautiful moment between your growing family! 

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